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Lake Tahoe Outback - Angora Fire June 24 - 26, 2007

Angora Fire as viewed from the "Y" across from the post office.

KCRA news article on Angora Fire 6/24/07

Gardner Mtn w/Angora smoke about 3:30pm 6/24/07

Moonrise in Smokey Sky 06/24/07.

Gardner Mountain Aglow 6/24/07.

Helicopter, tree silhouettes & Mt. Tallac, 06/24/07.

Helicopter flies overhead with water basket 06/24/07.

Video Maniacs, fire on Gardner Mtn. 06/24/07.

Video Maniacs, Flames on Gardner Mtn. 6/24/07.

Helicopter whisks away to gather water. 06/24/07.

Helicopter flies overhead drizzling water out of basket.

Bomber drops fire retardant over Gardner Mtn.

Helicopter with water basket 6/24/07.

Video Maniacs & Retardant Bombers 6/24/07.

Walkers and onlookers. 6/24/07.

Angora Fire on Gardner Mtn above school, 6/24/07

Fire N Pine 6/24/07.

Stop light at Y. 06/24/07.

Time lapse of fire truck rushing the turn 6/24/07.

Zoom! 06/24/07.

Gardner Mountain the morning after - Monday, 6/25/07.

Double helicopters drink from Lake 6/26/07.

Helicopter, Mt. Tallac backdrop, Keys 6/26/07.

Double Helicopters drink, Maggies Peaks backdrop 6/26/07.

Smoke over Tahoe Keys 6/26/07.

Smoke over the Keys 6/26/07.

Red Sun 6/26/07.

Dan Fire Spotting on Bike Trail 06/26/07

Fire Trucks lined up on Lukins Way 6/26/07.

Helicopter and red smokey sky 6/26/07.

On the lookout! 6/26/07.

Bike trail to Pope Beach 6/26/07.

Fire crew @ Emerald Bay Road 6/26/07.

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